“Exstinctio Mundi” out now

Sophomore record of Slovak Cyber Metal outfit KHADAVER. Available at: http://khadaver.bandcamp.com

Emulating their debut but with more mature sound and production, KHADAVER has prepared ten songs with careful blend of synthetic and human. As the title translates from Latin to “end of humanity”, the story deals with the conception of the mankind by mysterious ancient race of Zeroborn and the progress and regress of humanity throughout the history and the future.


01. Zeroborn
02. Gods-RW
03. Via Aeons And Cosmos
04. Episteme Finite
05. Progress Through The Firepower
06. I.T.N.O.F.
07. Incipit Futurum
08. Divine Data Corrupted
09. Bionic Industries
10. Exstinctio Mundi